Is this you?

I’m looking for someone to optimise my Google Ads campaigns who also understands my business so that

  • I stop wasting money on low value clicks
  • I get a lot more ecommerce sales or sales leads
  • I don’t spend too much on a Google Ads manager who turns out to be rubbish in spite of a fancy sales pitch.

You’ve just found who you are looking for but clearly we’ve got to convince you of this fact very rapidly before you hit that “back” key and disappear. Here goes:

  • 6 of our clients grew so much that their owners sold them.
    • 3 of these sales were for over £1 million
    • 2 were over £20 million.
    • One went for over £50 million*
  • We’ve been optimising Google Ads campaigns since 2004. We wouldn’t still be in business if we didn’t know what we are doing.
  • Our clients spend between a £200 a month and £100,000 a month. Roughly half want more ecommerce sales and half want more sales leads. Everyone wants bigger net profits.
  • Google gave us the honour of granting us Google Premium Partner status a while back which was a surprise but it didn’t matter to us: we want happy clients, not happy Googlers.

* This one was annoying! We worked with them for over 10 years and when they sold they told us they hadn’t done any other advertising apart from on Google. We clearly undercharged!

Now it’s your choice

For website owners like you and us the brutal fact is that visitors are vanity. Conversions are sanity. For the visitor there’s always a simple, binary choice.

Should I stay or should I go?

You could just hit the old back button and be gone (and you’ll never know what you’ve missed) or… you could read on a bit more. What this means is that your landing page, the page people get to when they first land on your site, has to keep selling right up until you’ve got the conversion. Your web copy does this: the words, layout and images on your site. Bad web copy destroys conversion rates. Excellent web copy puts you right back in business. Lousy web copy will kill it.

So here’s a quick question to contemplate:

When you selected your website designer, did you ask them about the conversion rates of the sites they’d built for their other clients?

That’s actually the key metric of a commercial website and yet most businesses don’t ask their designers that question! Anyway, a visitor hasn’t converted until they’ve done one of the following:

  • Picked up the phone
  • Emailed you
  • Bought from you or
  • Completed an enquiry form and hit send

All these actions generate value for your business although as we’ll discuss in a bit, the value of each of these actions varies greatly.

Conversions don’t come out of nowhere though. You have to overcome scepticism, impatience, short attention spans, time pressures, price objections and privacy concerns (don’t spam me) before someone is prepared to trust you enough to hand over their money and/or their contact details.

Before that process begins though you need to get people onto your site who are likely to convert. This requires careful keyword selection coupled with well-crafted ad copy that sells your business whilst ideally filtering out people who are unlikely to buy from you.

As an example, we have a client who sells software training courses and they only want to sell to groups of people rather than to individuals. Individuals are more price sensitive and in any case, never order more than one course at a time. Corporates on the other hand often order tens of training courses and keep coming back for more. The cost of delivery of a single course is not much less than a group course and so the margins on group sales are hugely more interesting.

So how do we tackle this?

First, we use keywords that are more likely to be used by corporate buyers. Second, we block searches that are likely to be done by individual buyers.

However, one thing we know for sure is that when people search they don’t always search for the right thing because few people are actually very good at searching. So we include copy in the ads to put off individual buyers as well.

“Group courses only”, “Training courses for businesses” etc.

This approach weeds out valueless traffic BEFORE they click and that matters because in a millisecond after they’ve clicked, Google bills you.

Put simply, if your website is bad at converting visitors into buyers, then you are going to waste a lot of money on Google Ads. However, that doesn’t mean that advertising on Google will fail, it’s just that it won’t be as profitable as it should be. It may still work very well but only in a tiny niche whereas the opportunity may be much greater.

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Our Services

Google Ads optimisation

Optimising Google Ads is our day job and we’ve done it for nearly 20 years so we know what we’re doing.

Google Ads account reviews

We review accounts that are either being managed by someone else or by yourself to provide actionable advice that helps improve performance.

Bing Ads optimisation

We optimise Microsoft Ads accounts as part of our day job. There’s generally less to do than with Google but the linkup between OpenAI and Bing has generated growing interest in Bing search results.*

Call William now on 01672 520 024 and quote PPC. I’m usually in.

* There’s a significant and asymmetric battle going on between Google and Microsoft for search traffic. Microsoft generates a large chunk of revenue from Bing search ads but most of its income comes from other services like Azure, Office365 and so on. This means that if Microsoft fails at search, it can carry on being successful in other areas. Not so for Google. If Google stops being dominant in search, it’s in existential trouble. As more people use services like ChatGPT to find out answers to questions, Google is losing traffic to OpenAI who operate ChatGPT. Microsoft of course is the biggest investor in OpenAI owning around 49%.